Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Corney & Barrow

1 Ropemaker Street
London EC2Y 9HT

Another day, another chain restaurant. W and I were trying to avoid the rain so we ended up in Corney & Barrow, which to be fair is actually more of a wine bar than a restaurant, but it has a pretty extensive lunch menu so I think I can still review it. I ordered the C&B Winter Salad, which is described as "A warm salad of epic proportions, with chorizo sausage, smoked bacon, Norfolk black pudding, wild mushrooms, poached quails eggs and brioche croutons." I think "epic" is overreaching a bit, but it was pretty decent, aside from a couple of pieces of strangely chewy bacon. Just goes to show that even when you order a salad it can be unhealthy. Not exactly a cheap option for lunch either - 10 quid seems a bit steep for a salad. W had the roasted pumpkin risotto which she liked, although she thinks a stray french fry made its way into her dish...

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