Monday, November 09, 2009

Laguardia, Spain (Part 3)

Breakfast again - this time there were croissants and thin slices of jamon with baguette in addition to the cake, fruit, raisin bread, juice and coffee. Afterwards, we headed off to Bodegas Palacio winery. Unfortunately, despite emails confirming we could tour on Sunday at noon, no one showed up so we left, disappointed.

Back in Laguardia, we dropped into La Vinoteca, a wine shop on Plaza Mayor, to get our last bottle of Rioja to take home. We also stopped at a carniceria to pick up some chorizo, jamon and Manchego. Then we drove to Bilbao to see:

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, another one of Frank Gehry's architectural creations. This was great - the €11 entrance fee includes an audio guide, so whenever something caught our eye we could hear a little more about it. There was also some interesting information about the building itself, which apparently has no flat surfaces at all aside from the floors.

After touring the museum, we got dinner at the mall where we had parked the car. We picked a restaurant called Cerveceria Cruz Blanca (Centro Comercial Zubiarte 2d floor, 2 lehen. Leizaola, Bilbao) and had two small glasses of their house Rioja, a thinly sliced tomato salad with pieces of jamon and Roquefort strewn on top and a dish of grilled pork sandwiching some sort of cheese, ham and scrambled eggs, fries, and a salad with tuna on top (no idea why these four items go together in one platter, but that's what comes when you order the #10 meal). Nothing to go out of your way for, but much better than most food I've eaten in shopping malls. With that, we ended our eating and drinking festivities in Spain for the weekend, but we're already talking about going back for more...


  1. We are heading now to Laguardia for two days and read your blog. Very entertaining and informative! We were laughing out loud. Will follow some your footsteps and hope to meet mama!

  2. Agreed, I am planning my trip, and this blog is incredibly useful. Great ideas for good eats! Thank you

  3. Great ideas! Planning my trip to Laguardia and needed some suggestions!