Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pizza Express

99 High Holborn

Pizza Express is probably quite a boring choice of restaurant, but when you're catching up with a friend as interesting as J, the surrounds don't really matter so much. Plus, J's been in Tanzania for six months and is craving certain things that Pizza Express can provide. So we go, and we order tomato and mozzarella salads, dough balls and American pizzas (pepperoni, basically). The salad is remarkably fresh - good tomatoes that taste of tomatoes, and really lovely, creamy, slightly salty mozzarella. Then the pizzas come and we dig in - while this is nothing amazing, it still hits the spot and the pizza base is thin and crispy enough for me to finish the entire thing. Dough balls are their version of garlic bread, I guess, and how can something dipped in garlic butter not be good? All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of our meal - and now that I know I can get 2-for-1 meals on Tuesdays with a student voucher, I will probably be back.

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  1. I went to PE a couple of times when I was a student in London. You would expect it to be rather boring and straightforward given the name and the chain mentality, but actually I ended up being pleasantly surprised each time. Food was always delicious and the setting wasn't so generic . . .