Sunday, October 11, 2009

The St Ann's Square Fine Food Village

St Ann's Square

While in Manchester, we decided to take advantage of the Food & Drink festival. A lot of stalls were set up, and of course I have managed to completely forget to take notes on where we ordered food from, but the pictures show a fine game pie (which if I recall correctly included pheasant, duck, venison and a few other choice meats, along with red wine and garlic) and a chorizo sausage roll. A also picked up some blackberry liqueur, though we haven't tried that yet. H enjoyed her paella which looked like it had lots of nice chicken chunks in it (including a tiny little wing drumstick) and G had a roll stuffed with lamb sausage, blue cheese and onion chutney, which he said was tasty. F's chicken breast in a bun was apparently quite spicy but he scarfed it down, and C picked out a beautiful mint chocolate cupcake with a nice green swirl of icing on top - I don't think there was a single dud in the bunch.

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