Thursday, September 17, 2009

El Burrito

5 Charlotte Place

J's workplace is surrounded by tastiness so I met up with her today to try one of the three burrito places within walking distance of her office. El Burrito has a lot of options for fillings, and I went with the chicken tinga today. They pack a lot into these burritos, including pickled jalapenos. Quite different from Luardo's, since the rice looks like basmati and the beans are more of a bean paste than individual black beans. Also not wrapped as tightly so they're a lot messier to eat. Still tasty though, and they come with a few tortilla chips on the side (helps to scoop up all the filling that will inevitably spill out). I still slightly prefer Luardo's but then again I haven't tried all of the interesting fillings here (they even have a chicken mole). There are also tacos, quesadillas and nachos on the menu, but if you call a place El Burrito, it makes it hard to pick anything other than the namesake dish.

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