Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Chilli Chutney

20 - 21 The High Parade
Streatham High Road

SW16 1EX

I was lucky enough to get invited to a Qype event at Chilli Chutney - we learned how to make samosas (those are my attempts above, the potato filled one on the left and the lamb filled one on the right). The chefs are experts - they make loads of these every day from scratch, so their demonstration was deft and graceful. Once they let us normal folk have a try, things went a bit haywire, but everything still tasted nice after it was freshly fried. We're supposed to get recipes for these so I will add those to this post if I get them. After our samosa lesson, we sat down to eat some curries and naan and rice - looking at their menu I think we had tarka daal (yum) and chicken achaari, along with keema naan, roghni naan (my favorite, covered with sesame seeds) and regular naan. I was stuffed at this point but when shahi keer (similar to rice pudding) came out, I had to try a couple of bites of that as well. Everything tasted fresh and was distinctively spiced - I'll have to go back and try more of the menu. 

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