Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yarde Farm Ice Cream

During our weekend jaunt to Dartmouth, we took a river boat to Greenway to see Agatha Christie's old holiday home. The house was left with all of the original furnishings and there are extensive gardens to walk around as well. Walking through gardens requires a snack afterwards, of course, so I picked up a little tub of Yarde Farm mint chocolate chip ice cream at the cafe. It's made in Devon and some of the flavors include clotted cream (though I couldn't tell if that was true of the mint chocolate chip). There's something that makes little cardboard tubs of ice cream feel like more of a treat than usual, but while I really enjoyed this ice cream, I think if it came in a big tub I wouldn't think it was as special. The mint flavor was good, and the chocolate chips were nice and bittersweet, but it seemed to be a little bit too icy and not creamy enough. This could also be due to poor storage, so I might give it another chance if I see it again.

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