Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Euphorium Bakery

202 Upper Street

N1 1RQ

K and I were going to watch The Habit of Art at the Screen on the Green - part of the National Theatre's live broadcasts that they're doing a few times a year. I'd highly recommend it - they have several camera angles and can zoom right in on the actors' faces so it's more like watching a film than watching theatre - really fantastic experience. Anyway, back to food - before the show we grabbed some 'pizza' from Euphorium. I put pizza in quotes because it was more like flatbread with a load of vegetables and cheese piled on top - very tasty, but not exactly what I think of as pizza. I'd like to try some of their sweet pastries sometime - it's such a nice place to stop for a nibble and a cup of tea - plenty of seating and I like the big glass windows so that you can people watch on Upper Street.

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