Tuesday, May 11, 2010

El Camino

25-27 Brewer Street

For Cinco de Mayo, a few of us decided to celebrate with margaritas and Mexican food. P recommended El Camino, after a look at the line at Wahaca drove fear into our tiny hearts. El Camino has a wall lined with multiple types of hot sauce, but they're for decoration (though a few have clearly been opened and used, perhaps by patrons who didn't ask first). We started with some guacamole, which came out in a stingy portion, but then the pork carnitas nachos we ordered were actually good so we became more positive about the place. My pork burrito was decent, but overly full of beans (a common complaint, I think) and a little on the small side, compared to other burrito joints in town. A bit of a mixed bag - service was slow, but friendly, and there was a hopping bar scene downstairs, and the booths were comfy for our party of four - I guess I might come back if I was in the area but not if I was specifically craving a burrito; Luardos and Benito's Hat are much better for that.

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