Monday, May 24, 2010

Taylor's Restaurant

8 The Quay

Taylor's Restaurant is in a great location overlooking Dartmouth's harbor and makes the most of its first floor location - I thought it was quite unusual to go up stairs to get to a restaurant but the views are certainly nicer from a  bit higher up. I chose from the set menu in order to make things a bit easier - the a la carte menu is long and I didn't want to tempt myself with too many choices. I started with a smoked chicken and ham terrine which was decent but perhaps not the restaurant's strongest suit - it seems like the seafood items fared better in general. A had mussels which I envied after a couple of bites, and A's parents both had crab to start which looked very fresh and tasty. I chose the plaice and chips for my main and really liked it - the breading on the plaice was crisp and the chips were golden and full of potato flavor inside. My only complaint would be that perhaps plaice is a bit thin - there were a few bites where the breading overwhelmed the fish a bit. The homemade tartar sauce was great though - I have suddenly discovered a fondness for tartar sauce which is odd considering I hated it for most of my life. With all this food, we were too full to contemplate dessert and instead headed off to the pub for a nightcap. Great choice for our one proper meal out in Dartmouth!

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