Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pearl Liang

8 Sheldon Square
W2 6EZ

Pearl Liang was the last meal for our west London weekend, and boy was it a doozy. I can now see why so many people have gone hunting for this restaurant in the strange area known as Paddington Basin - on a Sunday morning, there is nothing else open in the area except for a lonely little Sainsbury's and a Starbucks. We probably over-ordered for two, but it didn't matter - A and I polished off everything like champs. Next time I have a craving for dim sum, I will be running back here - everything we had tasted fresh, with good quality ingredients, and the atmosphere inside the restaurant was great too.

List of goodies we ate, with the really exceptional ones in bold: Wasabi Prawn Dumpling, 
Shanghai Dumpling with PorkPork Shu Mai, Shredded Taro Crispy Prawn Roll, Crispy Aromatic Duck Roll, Fried Octopus CakeBok Choi with Garlic, Chrysanthemum Custard Buns

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  1. I went to Pearl Liang recently too - HOW GOOD ARE THOSE CUSTARD BUNS?!?!? :)