Thursday, September 16, 2010


139 Westbourne Grove
W11 2RS

Taqueria has been praised by several of my friends so I was pretty excited to try it. As usual, there was a wait for a table - this place is so popular, and unfortunately after eating there I couldn't quite figure out why. Here's what we ordered:

  • Sope fried masa boat, refry, salsa, crema, crumbled cheese, onion, coriander with house made Mexican chorizo £4.50
  • Carnitas shredded slow cooked pork, green salsa, pickled jalapeño, diced onion, coriander £6.00
  • Puntas Albañil skirt steak, smoky bacon, onion, green chile, sliced avocado £6.50
  • Tinga chicken in a spicy chile chipotle, onion and tomato sauce with sliced avocado £5.50
  • Gringa pastor (pork) and melted cheese sandwiched between 2 corn tortillas £6.50
The only one I really loved was the Puntas Albañil, with its large smoky nuggets of bacon. And the prices seemed a little steep - we spent about the same amount at Cafe Luc the night before and that was a much more luxurious and expensive-tasting meal. The other complaint we had was about the Bloody Maria we ordered - someone thinks that salt should be the main flavor in that cocktail because we had to dilute it with almost an equal amount of water before it was drinkable. Maybe this was an off night, but there are too many other places to eat better food - I doubt I'll be back.

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