Sunday, September 05, 2010

Franco Manca

4 Market Row

Electric Lane

Franco Manca is a bit of an institution and has been written about by a lot of people already, so I won't get into its history. A and I got to try it on a Thursday lunchtime, when it was easy to get a table. Our waitress encouraged us to get a salad along with our pizzas and it was a good recommendation - the dressing was tangy and went well with the bowl of fresh leaves. The pizzas came out quickly and were enormous - the plates in the picture above are much bigger than usual plates. We had a pizza from the regular menu with ham and one of the daily specials - a white pizza with wild boar salami and rocket. Both were pretty fabulous, though I liked the ham pizza a bit more, probably because the tomato sauce was perfectly balanced with the cheese and ham. I wish it was easier to get to and the opening hours were more extended, but it was worth the visit to Brixton and the market is pretty interesting to wander around.

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