Tuesday, July 06, 2010


21 Park Road
N8 9TE

Banners is what I will always associate with living with F and A - Sundays often involved all three of us waking up with massive hangovers, stumbling over to Banners for some of their reviving Banners' potatoes and bubble and squeak, or huevos rancheros. For old times' sake, F and A and I gathered there again for lunch - strangely I went a little off the usual order and got the special of steak and eggs, with a side of Banners' potatoes thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately the steak and eggs were nothing special - the meat was a little overcooked (I asked for medium rare) and the eggs were a little dry. The Banners' potatoes were as good as ever though, salty nuggets of bacon interspersed with crispy potatoes and onions. Yum. I'm sure I'll be back for more nostalgia, though I'll probably stick to the bubble and squeak next time.

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