Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waffle House

Somewhere between Washington DC and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Waffle House is one of those places that I only ever go to when I'm on a road trip through the South - I've only ever seen them on the side of interstate highways. The cries of joy whenever you realize you can stop there for a bite to eat are loud and clear. For A's bachelorette, we were travelling out to Harpers Ferry together and needed some lunch to keep us going. A and I split a Texas cheeseburger platter - a patty melt on two slices of Texas toast, which comes with a large order of hashbrowns. My favorite thing at Waffle House is the hashbrowns so I ordered my own portion, well done, which you see above - crispy potato strings mixed with ham. I have never laughed so much over lunch - I love my girls and getting to eat at Waffle House with them just made it even more special!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sold on this, sounds amazing!
    But would agree that the TGI experience looked like a mess...