Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harry's Tap Room

Washington Dulles Airport
Main Terminal

After logistical nightmares left me at Dulles with a 10 hour layover (which I used to chase down my lost suitcase), I figured I should at least try and find some decent lunch. Sadly, my lack of boarding pass meant I was restricted to the Main Terminal, and Harry's Tap Room was the only restaurant in the area. I asked the waitress if there was anything she'd recommend, and she said the Creole Cuban sandwich was great, so that's what I got. And while it is not all that authentic, it was still yummy - plenty of ham and roast pork with a layer of gooey Swiss cheese gave it a lot of flavor, and the fries were hot and crisp. The pineapple wedge was a nice light dessert after that salt and fat bomb. While this was good, this meal was surpassed by my dinner, coming up next...

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