Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pizza East

56 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6JJ

Pizza East has been written about by loads of people already, but it took me a while to get there. While it's not that far from where I live, it's just inconvenient enough for me that there were always other places to try first. P and J happened to be in the area for some talks though and persuaded me to meet them there for dinner. P had been before and said that he remembered that the appetizers were great, so I started with fried whitefish (above), which were crispy and briny but unfortunately a bit one-note in flavor by the time I reached the end of the plate. P's selection of cauliflower carbonara (cauliflower baked in a creamy sauce with bacon) was excellent, as was J's crab dip. Since I don't see any of these on their online menu, I assume they must change their menu regularly. I had to get pizza for my main, seeing as how it's a pizza place, so the sausage and broccoli pizza above was ordered and it was pretty decent, though a bit under-seasoned. The crust was chewy and crisp, which is better than a lot of pizza in London, so I think I'd go back here and try some of the other toppings. 

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