Sunday, March 07, 2010

Aux Désirs de Manon

129 rue St Antoine

75004 Paris, France

While rambling around the Marais, I kept an eye out for canelés. I happened to see Aux Désirs de Manon and lo and behold, a lovely pile of canelés were inside. A plumped for a pistachio
 éclair, and the other A got a pistachio marshmallow. What a nice way to keep your energy up when on a long walk. My favorite of these three was the pistachio éclair, surprisingly, as I'm not always that fond of pistachios. It may be blasphemous to admit this, but I preferred the canelé I had in Primrose Hill to the one here - this one was larger and dare I say, blander, with a less crunchy exterior. Ah well, I am just being picky, it was still good.

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