Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A et H Jourdan Patissier

Rue de la Convention

Apologies for the lack of firm address, but I can't find this patissier anywhere online, and the photo I took of the exterior only says "A et H Jourdan Patissier". Anyway, we were walking along Rue de la Convention from Commerce metro to Parc George Brassens, so it's somewhere along there. I was on the lookout for macarons, having found a canele the day before, and this was the first one we spotted. It was larger than I expected, almost filling the palm of my hand. A nice, crispy exterior broke through to a smooth, sweet chocolate filling. A tried a pistachio one and liked it as well - I have no idea how she restrains herself from eating these goodies every day! It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth though - one of these large macarons is more than enough for a snack.

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