Friday, March 05, 2010

Paris Cheese Fest #1

Lucky us, T and his girlfriend A live in Paris now so Eurostar tickets were booked for a weekend visit. Upon arrival, we quickly agreed that cheese would make for a nice lunch, so we popped out to the local grocery store and grabbed some interesting looking ones. From top and clockwise, they are a Mont d'Or, a St. Marcellin, and a cheese that resembles Comte (bought on the recommendation of an old man who was also cheese shopping). Next stop was Stéphane Vandermeersch's boulangerie for some baguettes (278, AVENUE DAUMESNIL, 75012, 12ÈME ARRONDISSEMENT, PARIS, FRANCE).

We dug in once we were back in T&A's adorable flat - I liked all of the cheeses, but I think the faux-Comte was my favorite. I have just now realized that perhaps the Mont d'Or could have been baked with white wine, which might make it a very different proposition - it was a bit dense and thick when we ate it straight out of the container, and I think baking it into an oozy creamy gushing cheese might be what it needs to reach its full potential.

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