Friday, March 26, 2010


67 Charlotte Street
London W1T 4PF

Navarro's was the restaurant chosen for E's 30th birthday celebration - about 20 of us fit around a large table in their downstairs room. M did a great job of organizing and arranged for us to just have a load of tapas brought around for a set price per head. The picture above is probably only about 1/3 or 1/4 of the different dishes that ended up on our tables - from left, going clockwise, there are prawns (one of my favorite dishes, these tasted fresh and were cooked perfectly), garlic mushrooms (yum), tortilla Española, (passable), patatas bravas (good, but could have been crispier and spicier, I think) and chorizo (always good). Before dishes came out they had already set the table with cheeses, olives and roasted pepper salads (surprisingly delicious, I think the peppers were marinated in a vinegary dressing). There were also skewers of grilled chicken and lamb that were presented in fantastic stands, hanging over plates of vegetables and roasted potatoes. I also really liked the deep-fried calamari, which was tender and in a crisp batter. All in all, a lively and tasty dinner that got us all ready for more partying!

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