Friday, March 19, 2010

Cornish Cheeses

Part of our cheese plate for St. Piran's Day involved these two Cornish cheeses (another one being the Cornish Cruncher Cheddar, already discussed here). The top one is Cornish Yarg, which is a delightful name for a cheese, but is somewhat brought down once one learns that Yarg is actually just Gray (the surname of the maker) spelled backwards. Yarg is a light-tasting, cow's-milk cheese covered in nettles, which is what gives it the pretty outer coating - you can see it better in this picture. The other cheese is St. Endellion Cornish Brie, which is hand-made using Cornish double cream. It is certainly oozy enough that I believe a lot of double cream was used. My feeling about both of these cheeses is just the fondness that I have for cheese in general - neither of them particularly stood out for me in either a good or bad way, but they made for suitable candidates on a Cornish cheese platter.

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