Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Altdorf Biergarten

301 W Main St.
Fredericksburg, TX


After climbing a big granite dome in the Hill Country, A and I drove to Fredricksburg to immerse ourselves in quaint German tourist-ville. After downing Texan wines and beers and trying a ridiculous amount of salsas, spreads, fudges and jams at this cool gourmet shop, we decided to try some sausages as well and popped into Altdorf Biergarten. We ordered the sausage sampler, and from left to right above there's a cheesewurst, a bratwurst and a Texan sausage that they make themselves. The Texan sausage was my favorite, followed by the bratwurst. I think the cheesewurst, which was filled with gooey yellow cheese, was just too rich for me to enjoy after the first bite. 

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