Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Goods Shed

Station Road West

The Goods Shed is Canterbury's farmers market, and inside is a lovely cheese stall manned by a very informative cheesemonger. After questioning him thoroughly and trying a few cheeses, A and I picked out two to bring home. The one on the left is one that is similar to a Manchego - it's called Aradoy, it's made from ewe's milk and it's from the Basque mountains. LOVED this one, I could eat masses of it. The one on the right is a crazy 18-month aged Gouda called De Wit from Woerden, The Netherlands. I think it is really intense and it is hard for me to eat without a cracker. The card described it has hard, creamy, strong, caramelly flavour - I don't get the caramel but I would agree with the rest of the adjectives.


  1. God, I wish I could eat cheese all day. - Jinny

  2. I like mature cheeses but the one on the right was offensively strong to the point of inedibility. Avoid!