Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As the lucky recipients of an invitation to attend T's Burns Night celebrations, A and I were able to partake in Scottish poetry, food, whisky and laughter. The centerpiece of dinner was this magnificent haggis that T obtained from a butcher. Alongside neeps and tatties and some unorthodox green beans, it was absolutely delicious and A even had seconds! It was full of oatmeal, with a lot of lovely spices and deep flavor from the offal. The most stunning sight was when T grabbed a knife during his recital of the Address to the Haggis and plunged it straight in, spilling haggis guts all over the plate. Thankfully haggis tastes much much better than it looks - I might even order this if I ever find myself in a Scottish restaurant.


  1. If you think haggis classifies as "weird", try black pudding, white pudding, Lorne sausage and stovies. Followed by clootie dumpling!

  2. wow. btw - i love how you have a "weird" tag. :-)