Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Raj Moni

279 Upper Street

London, N1 2TZ

A was incredibly organized this week and managed to pick up four tokens from the Times, which meant we could eat out at several restaurants for 10 quid a head. After a fun bit of wine tasting at The Sampler with P, the three of us headed off to Raj Moni for some Indian food. The manager didn't seem familiar with the tokens but he offered us an incredible deal - we could each get a starter, a main, a side, pilau rice and nan. Considering that the mains alone would have cost over 10 quid each, we were quite pleased. For starters, we ordered king prawn on jay puree, onion bhajis and bengal crab cakes. The bhajis were a little greasy, but I really enjoyed the prawns and crab cakes. For mains and sides, we ordered two tandoori mixed grills and a tandoori machili massala (whole trout), saag aloo, aloo gobi and bombay potatoes. We probably should have gotten something other than bombay potatoes, as I realized when three potato-heavy dishes appeared. This was really too much food for three normal people, but we are not normal, since we finished almost all of it. Everything tasted pretty fresh, and I was pleased with the trout because I have never had anything like it. Not somewhere I'd go out of my way to eat at, but I'd certainly suggest it if anyone wanted some Indian food on Upper Street, especially if you can snag one of these deals.

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