Sunday, January 31, 2010


So you may be wondering why I'm choosing to blog about something as boring as pasta with bolognese sauce. This is because I learned something at Jamie Oliver's restaurant - bolognese tastes even more amazing with toasted breadcrumbs on top. Plus, it uses up those little crust ends of bread that I keep saving in the freezer. You dry those out in a low oven and then shove them in a blender to make a lot of breadcrumbs. I keep extras in a container in the fridge. Then, whenever you need a little crunch on top of your pasta dish, you pull them out, put them in a pan (I just toast them dry, but I'm sure you could add a little butter or olive oil if you were feeling indulgent), and once they're nice and brown, you toss them on top of your bowl of pasta. It adds a nice textural contrast. Try it.

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