Friday, January 01, 2010

Fifteen Cornwall

On The Beach

Watergate Bay

*Guest post by Andy*

You might have heard of Saint Jamie Oliver’s charitable project-cum-posh seaside restaurant (if not then catch up here). Having enjoyed a very special meal at Fifteen Cornwall in the spring, some of us returned for a post-Xmas lunch with high expectations. We limbered up with a warm drink, before most of us settled on the three-course set menu. I picked parsnip soup livened with chili oil, pheasant on a field of lentils, and tiramisu. The soup, served with fresh, tasty bread, was warming, and not too sweet. I'd only had pheasant on one previous occasion, as a young 'un, and I'm assured I didn't overly enjoy the experience. But after deciding to give it another go - what's the worst that could happen? - I was alarmed to find this one tough and chewy too. I was faced with a dilemma of sorts: should I complain – or is this how pheasant is meant to taste? Reader, I ate the pheasant. The tiramisu was creamy but light as anything, with the sponge doused in amaretto, yet somehow not soggy. Bonus marks to nature for the stunning sea views. But what effect would that fibrous pheasant have on Fifteen's final score? I'm giving it a B. Sort out your birds, Jamie, and we can talk about an A minus.

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