Friday, January 15, 2010

La Fromagerie

2-6 Moxon Street

A and I had a brilliant idea for a lazy weekend afternoon - we'd go look at Damien Hirst's paintings at the Wallace Collection and then get delicious steaks afterwards. While we did see a lot of skulls, we were disappointed to find out that Le Relais de Venise was undergoing renovations so there was no steak to be had. No matter, we popped into La Fromagerie's cheese room for some consolation cheese instead. Starting from the top left, our cheeseboard consisted of Tamie de L'Abbaye, a deliciously creamy and rich cheese made in a monastery in France, some Comte that was aged for 30 months on a French mountainside, and some Smoked Montgomery's Cheddar from Somerset which was crumbly and intensely smokey. Cheered us up right away!

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  1. is la relais de venise good? i think they just opened one in midtown!