Friday, January 22, 2010


55 St. Peters Street
Canterbury, CT1 2BE

In some last minute preparations for a day trip to Canterbury, I found this article by the Guardian on the top 10 cheap eats there. While we tried a few other places first, places were all full for Sunday lunch so we ended up at Marlowe's, which happens to be number one on the list. A lunch deal was on, so a main and a drink were a measly 7.95, which should have been warning enough. A did get a nice bottle of Bishop's Finger Ale, and I had some pretty grim house white wine, and then soon enough A's burger with cheese and my 1/2 roast chicken and chips arrived. Alas, the burger was dry and overcooked and the chicken was only passable. Chips were decent, I suppose, but chips alone do not make a lunch. I was hoping that, like in London, it would be possible to find a good meal under 10 quid, but even with the Guardian's list, we were woefully misled. Service was lovely though, and the waiter recommended that we visit The Goods Shed for a meal. Too bad we got that recommendation after already eating at Marlowe's. 

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