Sunday, December 27, 2009


80 Spring Street

New York, NY

Shopping is exhausting, especially when the ground is icy and snowy and you are wearing shoes with no grip - the constant slipping and sliding means utter concentration while walking. K, D and I needed a break and happened to be next to Balthazar, so we popped in. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, they were only serving raw bar, cheese and desserts, which was fine with us - we just wanted a snack. A bottle of white wine and a cheese platter were selected, and fresh bread arrived with it. The brie was fine - nothing special - and none of us enjoy blue cheese much so that one was D's responsibility to eat, but the other cow's milk cheese  was really good. I did ask what they were but my memory fails me so unfortunately I can't tell you what it is. Oops. I probably shouldn't judge Balthazar on this meal since none of it was actually prepared by the restaurant, but the atmosphere was nice and buzzy and it was a pretty good snack.

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