Monday, December 28, 2009


11680 Research Blvd

Austin, TX

My brother J and I usually head straight for Chuy's once we're back in Austin, and this trip was no different. We immediately started with queso to eat with the amazingly crisp freshly fried tortilla chips and the spicy salsa that come in unlimited quantities. There was also a rather bizarre bowl of ranch dressing that I have never seen before, but we ignored it after a taste. J and I both got combo plates, while A tried the Chuy's special (chicken enchiladas with green chile sauce). Between our combo plates, there were crispy beef tacos, chicken flautas, a chicken chalupa, cheese enchiladas, beef enchiladas and a chicken enchilada with green chile sauce. Mexican rice and refried beans also came on every plate - my lunch was so large it actually came on two plates! We stuffed ourselves and then packed an entire box with leftovers for another meal. Now if only I could get someone to open a Chuy's in London...

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