Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Tayyabs

89 Fieldgate Street

E1 1JU

D picked Tayyabs as his reward for his generous DIY help. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a reservation and therefore had to wait in line for over an hour to get a seat. We also had the terrible misfortune of being seated next to an enormous stag party, who in addition to the usual beer and wine had actually brought in a giant bottle of vodka. Basically, food was awesome as usual, but atmosphere was crazier and rowdier than usual, including thumping nightclub music that made it difficult to hear anyone at the table.

But back to the food, which is why I'm writing this. We ordered loads of seekh kebabs (minced lamb with spices, one of my favorites), lamb chops (definitely my favorite), tandoori chicken (bland compared to the spicy, delicious lamb chops), dry meat curry (really moreish with complex flavors), lentils and aubergine (yummy - wonderfully tender lentils with fresh spicing) and a baby pumpkin curry (my least favorite - the pumpkins were a bit sour and bitter and the whole dish was quite salty). While I like the food here and it is super affordable, it is such a hassle to get a table that I'm not sure it's worth it except for special occasions, like when you're trying to pay back a good friend - or if you're doing your 100th post...

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  1. What they give you in meat they take away in life force. How can they make people wait 90 minutes to eat - that's the length of Jurassic Park III! It was pretty tasty though. Congrats on the 100th post!