Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Diner

21 Essex Road
N1 2SA

*Guest post by Andy*

I'm not saying this is authentic Stateside diner food - it's way too expensive and the service a little ramshackle to measure up to the high-velocity calorific exuberance that is my experience of American eating - but it's a damn good try. The burgers are substantial, the fries crispy, and the milkshakes reassuringly concrete in texture (although, aren't they a little smaller than they were a few months back?).

I opted for a California Burger, with monterey jack cheese and guacamole, just as I did last time, and the time before (why take the risk?). When you ask for medium rare, they give you medium rare, in a pink way. It was washed down, so to speak, with a booze-fuelled "hard shake" (read more here) followed by a softer pistachio shake.

I love this place. The red leathery booths and friendly waitresses warm the cockles, and you don't even have to ask for napkins. A welcome addition to London, although if you're forced to choose, go to the Shoreditch one instead.

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  1. ah, american eating is a difficult experience to duplicate outside the states. my solution is usually to order enough to feed 3 people. that california burger sounds good.