Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cafe in the Crypt

6 Saint Martin's Place

I have been meaning to come here for ages since I heard so many good things about the renovation of
St. Martin-in-the-Fields. So when C suggested this as a lunch spot, I jumped at the opportunity to have a look around and also catch up with C over a leisurely lunch. Due to the meat feast the night before, I opted for their salad plate, which allowed you to choose a 'main' and then accompany it with three salads. I picked out a bacon and cheddar tart and then had rice salad, cucumber & tomato salad, and new potato salad to go with it. I also tried a really tasty ginger and lemongrass sparkling water drink - refreshing and not too sweet. Sadly, the rice salad was disgusting - the rice was cold, hard and chewy which made it too unpleasant to eat. The tart was nice though - real pieces of bacon throughout with a creamy cheesy quiche-like filling. The other two salads were fine but quite boring. I think I should opt for the hot food selection next time. It's nice and quiet and relaxing down there so I'd be happy to come back and try again.

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