Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sophie's Steakhouse

29-31 Wellington St

Sophie's is another revisit. W took me to the one in Chelsea back when she used to live out there, and when she found out they opened one in Covent Garden, she invited me to try that one with her and W one night. It was delicious both times. When classmates suggested going there for our pre-Christmas dinner, I was definitely in.

Unfortunately, while the atmosphere was great and the seven of us had a great time celebrating the end of classes, my food was disappointing. I forgot how big the Sophie's in Covent Garden is, and I think they were just too packed and waiters were overwhelmed. It took ages to get our orders in and the food took a long time to arrive. When it finally showed up, all of it tasted of nothing. After liberally dousing the steak, chips and creamed spinach in salt, there was a bit of an improvement, but when I'm at a pretty expensive restaurant, I expect the food to taste good without a lot of doctoring. Sorbets (mango, pineapple and raspberry) were nice, but I think the next time I want a steak, I'll give Sophie's a pass.

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