Friday, December 04, 2009

Spanish Feast

As we were leaving Laguardia, A and I couldn't help but pick up some jamon, chorizo and manchego so that we could recreate a Spanish feast when we got home. We managed to restrain ourselves for a few weeks, but finally we picked a date to crack open a precious bottle of Rioja and stuff ourselves silly with the bounty we had carried back with us. These all came from a carniceria (there were at least three different ones I saw in Laguardia, which is pretty remarkable for such a tiny town). Jamon was nice and fatty, with that lovely nutty acorn flavor you get from Spanish ham, and the chorizo was full flavored as well, though some slices were a little too fatty for our tastes. We think the manchego must have been a younger one as it had a more subtle taste than we expected. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to feast part two with the remainder of the treats!

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