Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Long Room

130 Mitcham Road
SW17 9NH

After a morning of knocking on doors in Tooting (a friend is running for a councillor seat there in the coming May election), we stopped off to refuel at a pub. I'm starting to understand that when you go to an average pub that you don't know anything about, your best bet is to stick to average pub food (i.e. don't go wild and try fusion/ambitious dishes as you will most likely regret it). Therefore, a tuna melt and a cheeseburger were ordered and split between two of us. The burger was beefy, though it could have been cooked a bit more rare, and the tuna melt was as expected - crispy bread sandwiching melted cheese and lemony, peppery tuna salad. Salad looked like it had dressing on it but tasted completely bland, and the chips were a bit flabby. Prices seemed reasonable - about 7 quid for burger and chips, 5 quid for tuna melt and tortilla chips. I'll classify this as decent, but not memorable, but it's what I expected from an average pub.

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