Monday, April 12, 2010

Früh am Dom

Am Hof 18

Köln 50667

Früh am Dom seems to be one of the biggest and most popular breweries in Cologne. It's located right next to the cathedral, which is pretty convenient, and since it's mentioned in pretty much every guide to Cologne, A and I started there for our first meal and our first Kölsch. Thankfully the menu was partially translated into English, so we quickly ordered two Kölsch and Schweineschnitzel mit Pommes Frites und Salat and Frische Bratwurst mit Bratkartoffeln und gemischtem Salat (Pork Schnitzel with chips and salad and fresh sausage with roasted potatoes and mixed salad). The salads were quite tasty, with a tangy almost coleslaw-like dressing, but the meat and potatoes were what we were really there for. Both dishes were great and reminded us why we like German food - it's hearty and savory and no nonsense, perfect for blustery cold evenings. The great thing about the brauhauses is that they keep bringing you more Kölsch; as soon as you finish one glass, it's replaced with another, unless you put your beer mat on top to signal that you're done. The Kölsch pairs perfectly with the food and with conversation.

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