Sunday, April 25, 2010

El Rincon

244 Deansgate
Manchester M3 4BQ

A quick weekend in Manchester allowed us to try El Rincon, which H and G had booked for our large group. We went with the party menu which resulted in a quick stream of tapas being brought out. The picture above is disgusting (sorry) but the food was pretty good. Standouts for me were the meatballs and patatas bravas. There was a really odd tuna mayonnaise dish though that I found dubious, and the fried calamari was too rubbery and greasy. I managed to spend most of dinner talking with C about how we both have problems with knowing when to stop eating, especially when there continues to be food in front of us, and what do you know, I left El Rincon way too full. This is primarily because after all of the tapas, an enormous serving of paella was brought out to tip us all over the edge. If you go, may I recommend: 1) not waiting until you are starving to eat, 2) if you are ordering the party menu, order it without paella rather than with; and 3) going with a smaller group and maybe ordering a la carte rather than doing the party menu.

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