Tuesday, April 27, 2010


1 Piccadilly Gardens

M1 1RG

Kro in Piccadilly Gardens is a convenient place to meet up in Manchester - it's close to the train station and pretty central. It also has big tables, which is good when you walk in with eight people for brunch without reservations. Service was pleasant, and the menu veers from very normal "British" food (think full English breakfast and sandwiches) to Danish food (including herrings and biksemad?!) No matter, I went with things I know well - a tuna melt and a burger, shared with A. I preferred the tuna melt, mostly because the burger was overcooked and lacked flavor. The potato wedges were excellent though, and I snuck a few of A's chips as well and thought they were decent. The menu is wide enough that everyone happily found something they wanted, and we went off to catch our train with our bellies satiated.

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