Thursday, April 08, 2010

Med Kitchen

51 Saint Martin's Lane

London WC2N 4EA

Med Kitchen is a chain that I've seen all over London, but it's taken me 4 1/2 years to actually go inside and eat. This time it just happened to be the restaurant closest to the theatre where we were seeing Bedroom Farce. Much like the play, while there were some positives, I was thoroughly underwhelmed. We started with an antipasti platter which was decent, but how hard is it to screw up what is essentially bought-in cured meats and a pile of rocket & parmesan on the side? For mains I chose the grilled sea bass on spinach with roasted tomatoes and A had roasted cod on olive oil mashed potatoes. Both dishes were pleasant, but unremarkable, and I thought A's cod was slightly overcooked. All this, plus one glass of wine, came to a rather stunning amount, which was unfortunately the only memorable part of the dinner. Not worth it, I say.

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