Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Le Relais de Venise

5 Throgmorton Street

So our first visit to this chain of steakhouses was in Manhattan, and we were hooked by the simple concept - everyone gets the same food - a salad with mustardy dressing, and then two plates of steak and chips with a buttery, rich sauce. You can choose your steak rare, medium or well done. And that's the only decision you have to make. Well, aside from what you would like to drink. A and I tried out the branch in the City of London and it was even better than I remembered - the steak was perfectly cooked and tender and beefy, and the chips were outstanding - crispy and plentiful. I even liked the mustardy salad, which is funny because I don't usually like mustard. We had a half bottle of the house red, which went very well with the meal. I'm sure we'll be back - our receipt came with a 20% off voucher for our next meal...


  1. I love the way it comes in two servings, so just as you're finishing your plate a waitress comes by and places a whole new stack of steak and fries in front of you. It's like a 2-4-1 deal. And how do they make that sauce? Amazing. Wine's great too - will be posting on it shortly.

  2. Funny - I was at the Marylebone branch last Friday, and loved it! Will definitely be going back, despite the queues. Was there a long queue at the City branch?

  3. No lines at the City branch! I hear queues are ridiculous in Marylebone. We went on a Friday night in the City and there was plenty of room, though it wasn't empty either.