Monday, April 19, 2010

Dom im Stapelhaus

Frankenwerft 35
50667 Köln

For our last meal in Cologne, we went to Dom im Stapelhaus, another two-for-one offer on the Cologne Welcome Card. There's a special menu they give you when you use the card, which unfortunately isn't online, so I can't even tell you exactly what we ordered, except that both dishes ended in -wurst which was the only way we had the slightest clue what we were getting. There was another couple behind us that didn't know any German and we could here their panicked mutterings to each other as they tried to decipher the very long full menu. Anyway, we ended up with two sausage dishes, but the one above was the one I picked and it was slightly more interesting due to the sausage coming out as a meatloaf-shaped rectangle. Some really excellent fried potatoes with an oozing fried egg on top and a little pile of tart sauerkraut finished off the dish. The potatoes were what really got my attention - I think there were bits of bacon mixed in as well, so needless to say they were super tasty.

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