Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Larder

91-93 St. John Street
London EC1M 4NU

P and I were looking for a restaurant in Clerkenwell to have dinner at and I noticed Toptable had a 50% off deal at The Larder, so off we went, along with L and N. What a fantastic dinner it was - I started with seared tuna over some raw vegetables with a spicy sauce that was perfect for the dish. I then had the duck confit over baby bok choy - duck confit done right is one of my favorite things to eat. For some reason, the menu listed chorizo as part of the dish as well, but I didn't detect any. Lastly, a selection of two cheeses was brought out (the third cheese was a blue cheese and they omitted that for me). All this, with a bottle of white wine, brought the bill to around 20 quid a head. Not bad, for what was very accomplished cooking. Sadly, the process of getting the bill was a shambles - first we were told our bill had been paid (no it hadn't), then we were brought one without the 50% off, then we were brought one that charged us twice for a dish and didn't apply the 50% off correctly, and on the fourth try we were all so frustrated with it that we just paid and left with a somewhat disgruntled feeling. Everything had been going really well up until the bill fiasco, so I guess I might still go back, though there are plenty of other places to eat well without the hassle at the end of your meal.

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