Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Book Club

100 Leonard Street

C and I met for brunch at The Book Club since it was conveniently located next to a Pilates class. Embarrassingly, neither of us actually made it to Pilates, but we still treated ourselves to some food. The space is light and airy - tables are spaced out nicely so you're not invading anyone else's personal space. A good soundtrack was on at a moderate volume - I saw the bar staff dancing to some Chuck Berry at one point and it was adorable. The food is really reasonably priced - C's french toast was 3.50, and the grilled kippers on buttered toast that I chose was 5 quid. I was completely full afterwards - if anything, I would only complain that kippers get a bit monotonous after you plow through such a giant serving. Service was friendly and since it's a cafe, you can stay at your table for as long as you'd like. Great for catching up with friends - I'll definitely be back to try some more of their menu. There are some interesting events on in the evening as well - check out their website if you're curious.

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